Do you have something to hide?...

Do you have a well tile, casing, or pipe sticking up in the middle of your yard? Is your pool pump an eyesore?
Perhaps you have a septic cover to spoil your view.

We've got you covered with our Fake Rocks!...

Our Faux Rocks are completely hollow, lightweight, extremely durable and have a natural look that will blend in with your existing landscape.
Sturdy ground stakes are provided for securing. Add a little mulch or decorative stone and you have an instant fix along with easy access to what you are hiding.

Canadian Fake Rocks samples

Product Details, Pricing & Ordering

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Check out colours, dimensions and pricing on the PRODUCTS page.   Rocks can be shipped to your location in Canada.
Payments are accepted by credit card, Paypal or etransfer.  See our Shipping & Returns policies ...



Have questions? Want to see the product?

Email us at OR Call us at 613-848-3344. Leave a message if we're out. We will return your call as soon as possible. We can make arrangements for you to view the product at our showroom or at a location convenient to you. 

Locations in Kingston, Ontario

Balderson/Perth area

"Such an awesome product, instantly the eyesores are gone. They look great, I cannot wait to do some landscaping around them. Brenda and Keith are such nice people, a pleasure doing business with them. If you have something to cover up or hide I would definitely recommend these to anyone. Thank you."


(Serving customers in Cobourg, Belleville, Stirling, Kingston, Perth and surrounding areas)
Brenda and Keith Hope
Call us at 613-848-3344 to arrange a time to meet us at our showroom in Belleville or to obtain your customized shipping quote within Canada.

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